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My business is buying and refining all precious metals. I perform all assays by FIRE ASSAYS, not like many other refiners that use the XRF (X-ray) method that leads to inaccurate assays, typically 2-5% lower, under good conditions. Fire assays are the most accurate in the world period! Under 2-3 parts per ten thousand (0.02%). Please check for yourself by going to this independent web site and read the facts. Here is the link:


I am proud to say that I am the best when it comes to analyzing precious metals, and I can prove it. I’ve made believers out of jewelers, pawnbrokers, and dealers just like you. I can submit to you a list of clients that I have refined for years on request.

I look forward to demonstrating what separates myself from the rest of the industry. I would like to follow up with you and help develop a better plan to deal with your refining needs. Remember that inaccurate assay analysis brings down your final accountability, and hurts you bottom line.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to see what my process can do for your company. I offer the most transparent refining solutions in the industry as well as an assay guarantee that ensures you maximized profits. When you’re ready to experience optimal efficiency with your scrap operation, give me a call.

I pay 98 to 99 percent of spot gold depending on the quantity. I have no other hidden fees.

My office is located in San Diego, and I have the newest and most current state of the art refining equipment. I have a ton of references if needed. Please let me make a believer out of you. My return will far exceed your expectations. Just remember, I am a ONE MAN OPERATION, with only one mouth to feed. I’m not your huge refiner that has 100s of mouths to feed. All I ask is just give me a try! Send me any amount! You will not be disappointed.


Norman Gornbein

Email at normangornbein@hotmail.com

Phone # 619-540-7189

Remember I am on Pacific Time

My lab address is as follows: (Please do not ship packages to my lab address!)

5752 Oberlin Drive #501

San Diego, CA 92121

Please ship all packages to the address found on my shipping instructions page.

CALL 619-540-7189!

Our business is buying YOUR unused gold.

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I buy all precious metals, including diamonds. I have worked with over 2,000 jewelry stores, and helped them liquidate their entire inventory in a matter of hours. I have built my reputation on hard, honest work. (References on demand)

I am proud to say that I am the best when it comes to analyzing precious metals in the United States. Contact me today!

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