Why choose Norman?

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My clients have asked me the same question, and all I can say is that unlike my competitors, I am a one man operation. With that being said, when you send your material to me, from opening up the box, to refining your material, to shipping it back to you – I am involved in the whole process. You’re not going to have 20 different employees involved, which increases expenses and interferes with YOUR profit! As I expressed already, I ONLY do fire assay! You are literally losing money if you go with any of my competitors who all use the X-ray method which has been proven to be the LEAST accurate method for assays. Find out for yourself at this third party link which I am not associated with:

The biggest draw to my business is my customer service and authenticity. Giving my customers a fair and honest deal with personal customer service only a small business is capable of providing separates my business from everyone else’s. It’s very important for my company to develop a truthful relationship with my customers.

Heres a look at some of our competition…

Empire Gold Buyers claims a payout of 96% of the current spot price of gold for most transactions. They claim that their pay scale goes up to 98.5% for larger volume customers. We checked their website, and for 24k, Emprire was paying 97.2% of spot. But that is for a large amount – of 25 ounces or 709 grams. That’s just a little over 1.5 pounds! How many wedding rings is that? About 189 18k 5-gram wedding rings – not your usual amount.

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US Gold Buyers has a rate at 96% of the gold spot price for 5 ounces or more – that’s 142 grams, or about 40 18k wedding rings. For lower weights, US Gold Buyer’s rates go down. We pay up to 98% of the gold spot.

gold refinery prices

Cash4Gold is the only gold buying company that could afford a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad. That says it all.


Gold Kit also runs TV ads. The company has been in business for almost 20 years. They have a gold recycling pack that you can use to send in your scrap gold. The turnaround time is around seven days. We couldn’t find any indication on their side of their payout percentage.


Norman is by far your best choice when looking to sell your unwanted gold or metal jewelry for cash.

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