Precious Metal Refining

Norman is a full service refiner for all precious metals, including GOLD, SILVER, and PALLADIUM.

My business is buying and refining all precious metals. I perform all assays by FIRE ASSAYS, not like many other refiners that use the XRF (X-ray) method that leads to inaccurate assays, typically 2-5% lower, under good conditions. Fire assays are the most accurate in the world period! Under 2-3 parts per ten thousand (0.02%). Please check for yourself by going to this independent web site and read the facts. Here is the link:

We specialize in refining for the jewelry industry, processing everything from scrap to polishing sweeps. From the smallest karated scrap lot to the largest, our advanced technology provides our customers the maximum in returns with the most competitive charges.  We offer prompt service and numerous settlement options including check and wire transfer. For more information, see shipping instructions.

san diego gold refinery

Buying and Selling your Gold, Silver, or Platinum

Precious metal prices continue to soar in today’s market. Bring us your valuables and we will give you the highest price. Our desire to please coupled with our staff one one, you will find buying and selling gold easy and timely here at Norman’s Precious Metal Refiners. With our sophisticated technology, we can test your belongings with accuracy.

Buying and Selling Diamonds

If you are looking to buy or sell diamonds, bring your diamonds to us. We have one of the largest inventories of diamonds in the diamond district. Our inventory includes diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Our stock welcomes any budget and delivers the quality diamond that you’re searching for. GIA certified along with excellent prices, we provide the optimal customer service that you deserve when it comes to buying and selling your diamonds.

We refine anything that contains precious metals, whether it be a coin, a single earring, watches, or even sterling silverware! To make things simple, you can even request a postage-paid, refining pack and send us your items directly from wherever you may be.

  • Karated Scrap
  • Dental Scrap
  • Stone Removal
  • Bench Sweeps
  • Crucibles & Slags
  • Scrap Silver
  • Polishings
  • Filings & Grindings
  • Tools
  • Carpet
  • Floor Sweeps

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