Norman has NO MINIMUM!!!
It is the New York spot settlement. For each day the NY stock exchange sets the value of gold. This is called the spot price. I pay up to 98% of the spot price for your gold.
I'll process as little as 50 to 100 grams for starters, just to show you what I can do. Sell your gold to us for the very best deal.
If you can't come in person (via appointment) send us your gold - it's easy and safe. If you sell gold jewelry or want to get the most for the scrap value of gold - we will give you the highest price and the best deal. We only accept U.S. registered mail, Return Receipt. Using this method allows you to receive a receipt showing that we have received your product. This protects both us and you.
One (1) Kilo or Kilogram is equal to: - 15432.35639 grains - 1000.00 grams - 35.274 ounces (av.) - 32.1507 ounces (troy) - 2.20462 pounds (av.) - 2.67923 pounds (troy) One (1) Ounce Troy is equal to: - 480.00 grains - 31.1035 grams - 20.00 pennyweights - 1.09714 ounces (av.) - 0.08333333 pounds (troy) - 0.0685714 pounds (av.)
Gold jewelry is usually not pure gold. It is mixed with other metals to give the jewelry more strength. For instance: - 10 kt. jewelry = 39% gold or .39 - 14 kt. jewelry = 55% gold or .55
Yes, once you place a buy or sale order with a trader the price you agree upon will not change and is locked in for the life of the order. Your price is confirmed once you receive an order number.
Payment is usually issued the day after we receive your item(s) in full.
We do not charge for stone removal!!!
Yes, all of our processes meet or exceed EPA requirements. Our facility is fully compliant with the US Patriot Act.

Who pays the most for your gold?

I do at Norman’s Precious Metal Refiners!!!